Management and supervisional skills

Output leader: Aspect/Bulgaria

Main activities:

1. Research and preparation: all partners collect 4–8 methods or tools and share them with others. The partnership will choose up to 20 tools (2/partner) to be translated into English and into partner languages.

2. Virtual mobility expeditions: The partnership publishes the translated tools on its website and organizes two e-learning “expeditions”. Both of them include a two-hour webinar to present selected tools with their designers as presenters. 2 weeks after each webinar there will be 1 or 2 web clinics, where volunteer managers can join to ask more about how the methods and tools function, to deepen their learning and to network with others.

3. Localisation and finalisation. Partners contact the expedition participants to select two most useful tools to translate and localise into their language and country and to collect their feedback. These tools will be used during the testing phase (IO3).


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